Men of Trent – The Story of the Nottigham Winch, By Stefan Duma. Published by Turner & Lowkes.

Men of Trent - The Story of the Nottingham Winch

An Overview

Men of Trent is the first work to focus on the Nottingham fishing winch putting into context the various types of reels, their construction and the people who fished with, and made them.

The majority of the written work on this subject is based on an article published in the Fishing Gazette in September 1895 by Henry Coxon.

It appears that subsequent authors took this as gospel without researching the facts.

Duma has spent a considerable time separating the facts from the fiction.

“Nottingham reels – the truth finally uncovered” Roger Still

Lavishly illustrated with more than 100 full-colour photographs detailing how the reels were made and their variations, it will pinpoint not only the date of the invention of the spring latch but for the first time, identify the individual behind it.